Webinar: How TELUS Turned Their Payables Department into a Revenue Generator

January 31, 2014

There are three ways to turn your AP Department into an efficient revenue generator while strengthening supplier relationships:

  1. Increase supplier early payment discounts
  2. Move from paper to electronic invoices
  3. Eliminate inquiries on invoice approval and payment statuses

This can all be achieved by implementing a dynamic discounting, eInvoicing and supplier self-service solution.

Watch this webinar to hear Ron New, VP, Finance Operations and Gary Silsbe, Director, Finance Operations at TELUS, discuss the company’s pain points prior to implementing a solution, lessons learned from implementation, and how TELUS has transformed their payables department.

Learn TELUS’ plans for increasing discount capture, converting all paper invoices to electronic, achieving a full solution for Service Purchase Order processing, including approval integration and invoice posting and synchronizing all Advanced Shipping Notices.

Watch the full webinar to hear TELUS discuss:

  • How and why to implement a portal use policy
  • How TELUS will save millions through early payment discounts
  • How to track the right metrics and set attainable goals

Learn from a company who has experienced implementation already.

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