The Truth About Operational versus Financial Savings in P2P | Webinar Video

November 20, 2014 Allison Carpio


What would saving $5 million in manual labor costs and $185 million in discount capture over the course of three years mean to your company?

While that might sound unattainable, it's completely possible if you have the right strategy, tactics, and tools in place. But where do you start, and how do you set your company up for success?

In last week’s webinar, Scott Pezza of Blue Hill Research joined our Chief Marketing Officer Joe Hyland to cover how focusing on AP process efficiencies (operational savings) can result in millions worth of early payment discounts (financial savings)--and we’re not just talking about an e-Invoicing solution by itself!

The webinar also covered:

  • How to quantify operational savings, and its equivalence in financial savings

  • When automating payables processes isn’t enough to move the needle, and why you can’t just focus on operational efficiency

  • The foolproof method to maximizing the results of an early payment discounting program that can save your company millions each year

  • How PG&E saved $5.8 million in manual labor costs and $185 million in early payment discounts in just three years (and how you can, too!)

  • A story of how Tyson Foods saved their supplier $40,000 through offering dynamic discounting

Curious to learn more about operational and financial savings in P2P? Watch the full webinar:

operational versus financial savings p2p webinar video

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