Taulia and Cloud Trade Join Forces to Ease Invoice Process for Buyers and Suppliers

June 11, 2012 Taulia Corporate


Screen_Shot_2013-10-04_at_4.31.07_PMTaulia Inc., the only SAP®-certified SaaS platform for dynamic discounting, announced today that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Cloud Trade, an e-invoicing company that specialises in removing paper from the financial supply chain with no software footprint or technical changes for either the sender or receiver. This new collaboration will give large organisations the ability to take advantage of Taulia’s Dynamic Payment Platform while providing suppliers more options and even greater visibility and access to online invoice submissions.

Taulia’s unique fusion of a certified SAP Add-On with a cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform allows large organisations to negotiate payment terms with their supply base to achieve dramatic annual savings. In addition, Taulia offers significant on-boarding support for its customers’ supply base around the world. Unlike typical solution providers who only provide service on electronic documents, Taulia’s vendor portal caters to PDF, paper-based invoices and electronic invoices, allowing all suppliers to monitor and track the invoice process, raise queries and request early payment, all free of charge.

“This new partnership gives suppliers even greater options for invoice submissions, which makes it easier for suppliers to get paid quickly,” said Bertram Meyer, CEO of Taulia. “Partnering with companies like Cloud Trade helps us smooth the financial supply chain for all parties, saving costs for large corporations and giving suppliers transparency into the payment process. Invoicing is a critical step for both the buyer and the supplier, and we are excited to work with a reputable and reliable company like Cloud Trade to add flexibility to invoice submissions.”

"E-invoicing should be accessible to all companies, but historically, this has not been the case,” said David Cocks, CEO of Cloud Trade. “Cloud Trade utilizes what organizations already use. They do not have to change their technology, processes or incur prohibitive capital costs. With the Taulia partnership, our SAP customers can now not only receive a high adoption, non-disruptive e-invoicing service, but also all the vendor management and dynamic discounting benefits from the Taulia Dynamic Payment platform."


Cloud Trade provides a non-disruptive way for organisations to send electronic invoices, orders and other business documents to trading partners. Paper documents and the manual activities associated with paper, are removed. With Cloud Trade the barriers often associated with e-invoicing and e-trading dissolve. As a result, high adoption rates are guaranteed with 80 – 90% supplier adoption typical. For more information, visit http://www.cloudtradenetwork.com.

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