Taulia Joins Forces with TrustWeaver to Expand eInvoicing Compliance

April 11, 2012 Taulia Corporate



Taulia Inc., the leading cloud-based dynamic discounting solution provider for SAP®, today announced it has partnered with TrustWeaver, the leader in comprehensive security compliance services.

Taulia Inc., the only SAP®-certified SaaS platform for Dynamic Discounting and e-invoicing, announced it has partnered with TrustWeaver, the leader in comprehensive security compliance services. Taulia’s partnership with TrustWeaver guarantees the integrity and authenticity of e-invoices regardless of the country of origin or destination, ensuring long-term audit-ability of archived invoices in accordance with each country’s specific rules. Partnering with TrustWeaver will allow Taulia to expand its free compliant e-invoicing capabilities across all of Europe and beyond.

“Taulia’s goal is to provide large organisations a one-stop shop for all their accounts payable needs,” said Bertram Meyer, CEO of Taulia. “Our customers are global and deal with suppliers in many different countries. They need to be certain at all times that e-invoices will easily be accepted as real, unchanged and compliant by tax auditors. Our partnership with TrustWeaver allows us to provide a secure and legally compliant environment for all international e-invoicing.”

Taulia’s e-invoice technology is characterised by complete openness and interoperability. Suppliers already connected to other networks, such as Taulia partner OB10, can submit e-invoices to any buying organisation connected to the Taulia SaaS platform, without additional charge.

”Taulia’s customers want the benefit of business-to-business optimisation using modern Cloud technology. Obviously, this includes getting the highest possible standards of audit-ability so they never have to worry about legal challenges,” said TrustWeaver CEO Christiaan van der Valk. “With TrustWeaver On Demand, customers get guaranteed local legal recognition of their e-invoices in more than 40 countries as a completely transparent, fully embedded part of Taulia’s services.”

The Taulia Dynamic Payment Platform is geared toward Global 2000 companies seeking efficiency gains from e-invoicing and supplier self-services, while at the same time saving millions through dramatically increased early payment discounts. Dynamic Discounting enables the accelerated payment of approved net invoices against a sliding-scale discount. For the finance department this is a way to achieve risk-free double-digit returns by “investing” into their own supply chain. Taulia’s SaaS platform offers suppliers the ability to accelerate invoice payment on-demand, eliminating the need for costly receivable financing or credit card borrowing. Taulia’s free e-invoicing eliminates printing and mailing cost for suppliers, while interactive self-services reduce collection cost and remove the need for inquiries by providing 24/7 visibility, master data for self-maintenance, and a free archive for all relevant AP/AR documents.

With its certified SAP technology approach, Taulia integrates with the buyer organisation quickly and efficiently, minimising implementation hassles and integration issues.

“Taulia’s solution is by far the fastest and least risky access to e-invoicing for SAP customers,” said Markus Ament, Taulia’s Chief Product Officer. “As a certified SAP Add-On, it is easily and quickly installed into our customer’s SAP system to provide secure, quasi real-time connectivity to our SaaS platform out-of-the-box.”


TrustWeaver (http://www.trustweaver.com) is a privately held, venture-funded company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. TrustWeaver monitors legal requirements for electronic transactions worldwide and uses unique processes to make sure that documents processed by its Cloud services always meet the highest possible standards of digital evidence. Through its vast B2B partner network, TrustWeaver serves many of the world’s multinational companies and their trading partners worldwide.

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