Taulia Launches SupplierPay.org

August 28, 2014 Keith Chapman

Taulia Inc., the market-leading provider of early payment solutions, today announced the launch of a new website, SupplierPay.org, to help corporations support the White House’s recent SupplierPay initiative.

“We’re delighted that the White House has highlighted the many benefits of early payments to large corporations, small businesses, and the entire American economy,” says Taulia CEO Bertram Meyer. “We hope the SupplierPay.org website will help simplify the process for corporations who are looking to streamline their payment process and capture discounts, while simultaneously strengthening their supply chain.”

Taulia’s SupplierPay.org website provides in-depth information about the initiative and about early payment benefits, allows companies to take the SupplierPay pledge, and provides detailed information regarding Taulia’s Quick Start Early Payment Program.

Taulia offers a multitude of early payment options, including its Dynamic Discounting program, which allows buyers to use their own cash to pay suppliers early, and its Taulia Enhanced Discounting program, which utilizes third-party funding to help businesses offer early payments, without affecting their Days Payable Outstanding.

Last month, executives of some of America’s largest corporations, including Apple, Coca-Cola, and Toyota, visited the White House as President Obama launched the initiative. The executives pledged to pay small suppliers faster or help them get access to lower-cost capital. SupplierPay is aimed at strengthening the cash flow of small businesses by ensuring these organizations are paid within 15 days.

“For the larger companies, joining SupplierPay demonstrates a recognition that a healthy supply chain is good for business,” the White House said in a statement. “For the small business suppliers, benefiting from SupplierPay means having more capital to invest in new opportunities, new equipment, and new hiring.”

Taulia’s Early Payment Quick Start Initiative guarantees:

·       A successful early payment financing program up and running within 100 days

·       Assurance that 100% of invoices will be offered for early payment

·       All suppliers will be eligible for early payments, regardless of size, spend or credit worthiness

With Taulia’s supplier financing program, suppliers can request early payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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