Taulia Receives the Vidyard Ignite Impact Award and Participates in First Ever B2B Video Marketing Conference

October 3, 2014 Keith Chapman

Last week featured our Taulia Connect conference, which was chalk full of panels, presentations, and keynotes. So what better way to celebrate a great conference, then by presenting at another one?

This week Senior Marketing Manager Bhaji Illuminati represented Taulia at the inaugural 2014 Vidyard Ignite conference. The conference was called “the world’s first B2B video marketing summit.” 

At Ignite, we were honored the Impact Award for creating humorous and effective video campaigns and integrating them into our overall marketing strategy, resulting in influencing over $120M in revenue. 

Bhaji spoke on a panel, titled “Mastering the Science of Video and Content Marketing,” which included executives from Square, Salesforce, and Deltek. All four companies were called “video marketing trailblazers” by Vidyard, a leading video marketing platform. 

“Taulia has become an innovative marketing leader in the business-to-business space in part because of our work with Vidyard,” said Bhaji. “We’ve worked with the Vidyard team to make our videos humorous, entertaining, and informative, and these video campaigns have helped contribute to Taulia tripling our revenue for two consecutive years.”

The panel reviewed the latest trends in video marketing and how to improve content marketing. The discussion, which was moderated by Vidyard Chief Marketing Officer Tyler Lessard, touched on video marketing best practices and how to use data and insights from video content to increase ROI.

Bhaji also presented two Taulia videos, “The Creator of the Most Remarkable Software in AP,” as well as “Treasury Tim,” which is part of Taulia’s P2P Superheroes campaign, to the audience of nearly 200. One executive in attendance noted that Taulia’s humorous videos have set the standard in the enterprise marketing world.

“When we create a video, we try to make it on the level of Taulia’s marketing content,” she said. “It’s Taulia or bust.”

Watch our full collection of videos here.

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