4 Things You Must Do at IOFM's AP Conference & Expo

October 22, 2014



Now that we have your attention...  

We all know how overwhelming and exhausting conferences can be. With so many different break-out sessions, giveaways, and evening events available, it’s hard to plan out your whole schedule without feeling subject to FOMO (fear of missing out, in case you were unsure!)

If you’re headed off to Las Vegas on October 26th for IOFM’s Accounts Payable Conference & Expo, remember to utilize these four tips to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Network, network, network.  It’s very rare that you’ll be in the same place as hundreds of your peers, so make sure you pick as many brains as possible! Some of the most valuable takeaways from the conference will be the advice you’ll receive from other AP professionals. When you’re face-to-face with someone, you’re able to ask questions specific to your organization rather than one-size-fits-all advice. Plus, exchanging contact information allows you to extend your resources beyond the conference--in case you need advice in the future or have best practices to offer.

Learn how to become an AP Superhero on Monday, October 27th at 11:15am. Okay, perhaps we’re a bit biased, but why wouldn’t you want to learn how to generate revenue in your AP department? The unfortunate truth is, Accounts Payable is often seen as a cost center, but you can change that at your company. Maex Ament, our Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, will show you how you can acquire AP superpowers to transform your entire payables strategy and generate out-of-this-world savings through supplier financing. Don’t miss it!

Rest up when you can. It’s safe to say there’s a lot to do at Vegas in the late hour of the night. But it’s quite difficult to soak up information (let alone stay awake!) at the breakout sessions or meet new people when your body is drained of energy. Definitely don’t miss out on any of the fun events, but a good rule of thumb is to reserve at least two of the three nights for some R&R.

Cupcakes. Not just trying to get your attention this time--there really will be cupcakes at the AP Conference & Expo! Join us on Monday, October 27th for something sweet at 3:45pm. After a long day of sessions, sometimes you just need a cupcake break.

See you there!

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