Busy Week at Paystream and IFO Canadian Symposium

September 20, 2012 Bhaji Illuminati

We are excited to have exhibited at two very successful shows this week; The Institute of Financial Operations Canadian Symposium in Toronto, Ontario and PayStream Summit in Charlotte, NC.

At the Canadian Symposium Taulia's Chief Product Officer, Markus presented e-Invoicing - Going to the Next Level. If you missed it, review the deck to learn:

  • e-Invoicing - What Works and What Doesn't
  • Supplier Value Propositions
  • Dynamic Discounting & Turning Issue Into Opportunities
  • Real World Success stories

At the PayStream Summit, Taulia's customer Marcia Golden from Coca Cola Bottling, presented AP Overhaul: Dynamic Discounting, Supplier Self-Services and Workflow. Review the deck to learn:

  • Coca Cola Bottling goals and objectives
  • Implementation, project rollout, and grand finale
  • Success story
  • Lessons Learned
  • Taulia Solution Demonstration

Next week we have EXPP Summit in Berlin, Germany and Deloitte Shared Services and BPO Conference in Cannes, France. Check out the other events we'll be attending this year on our Events Page.

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