Creating a Unified Startup Culture in a Company with Multiple Offices – The Taulia Way

May 16, 2014 Jonathan Lowenhar

When you ask most entrepreneurs what makes their company different, many will say it comes down to building a great corporate culture.  In theory, this is simple, but as many of us have experienced, the intention is much easier to achieve than the goal. If creating a great corporate culture was as simple as just saying 'let’s be innovative', providing in-house gourmet coffee bars and organizing social outings would be the norm, and the world would be full of great companies with happy employees that are truly changing how we think. 


A short time ago, our headquarter office in San Francisco received the distinction of being ranked atop the 2014 list of best places to work in the Bay Area by the San Francisco Business Times and Silicon Valley Business Journal. An award such as this one, earned by votes from employees, signifies a company’s pledge to the adherence of a balanced work-life culture and its commitment to fostering an environment that encourages innovation, creativity and leadership. At Taulia, not only do we work by our core values, but also, each one of us is an extension of what Taulia represents and together we build a product that gives companies real market impact.

As our workforce has grown substantially over the past few years, so have the number of satellite offices.  And with each geographical location, comes the task of integrating Taulia’s core values among employees and adhering to the beliefs which are at the core of our success. Such is the case with our recent expansion to Salt Lake City featured in Park Record's, Summit County News. Capturing the sensibilities of a work-life balance within an innovative startup culture that many companies aspire to, we are uniquely positioned to attract the industry’s best talent not only in San Francisco, but also, our satellite offices, as exemplified in our Park City office.

In Park City, we wanted an environment that would foster creativity, a sense of community, and a place to develop talent. These have been represented in our spacious, contemporary, open floor plan where no matter what direction we look; our views feature ski resorts and snowcapped mountains, reminding us each day that we are part of a unique company. The Park City office – like all Taulia’s offices – is not a place where people go into their offices and shut the door.  Rather, it’s fashioned in design similar to the San Francisco office – a relaxed, playful Tony Hsieh-esque environment – and the Taulians in Salt Lake City feel right at home, so to speak.

In each office, our core values speak clearly: Personal interactions. Collaborative conversations. Teamanship. And, lots of windows serving as a constant reminder to enjoy the lifestyle of living in Park City.

To learn more about Taulia’s culture and values, please read my recent post, Who is responsible for your company's culture?.

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