Go Beyond Reporting, Take Action!

August 13, 2012 Lena Brun-Baronnat

We are thrilled to introduce one of our latest tools in SAP: the "Approve Me Now" report. Beyond traditional reporting, the Accounts Payable (AP) department can now look at invoices that are not approved yet, and it historically shows which suppliers have granted early payment discounts.

With this new report, the AP Manager will be able to easily identify which invoices are pending approval and begin researching why there is a delay in approval. This is a powerful tool to start acting on those invoices and have their approval as soon as possible, so that the suppliers have the chance to accept the early payment offer. Just a simple action that has positive impact on the buyer-supplier relationship: suppliers are eager to have updates on their invoice approvals and are willing to get paid early. So the AP manager can help their suppliers, as well as their company by saving money.

So start looking for invoices that need approval and take action. Don't let your suppliers miss the opportunity to get paid early!

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