Growing Up and Giving Back: Taulia Computers and Resources for Education (CARE) Program

January 10, 2014 Richard Mah

As a Taulian since October of 2011, I’m fortunate to have been a part of the progress and evolution of the company. Taulia is growing and getting bigger by the day and I have trouble remembering names of new faces around the office. But, age could be a factor! 


With that said, growing up also means more responsibility. The ability and propensity to give are key ingredients for continued growth. And what better way to give back than a community-based program for smart and ambitious students? After collecting extra laptops and keyboards around the office, the Taulia Computers and Resources for Education (CARE) was born.

Taulia CARE started in early 2013 as a small program, giving a package that includes a refurbished laptop, software, laptop bag and accessories to deserving students in need. So far, the Taulia CARE program has assisted two lower income migrant college-bound students from San Francisco International High School who did not have access to computers and essential resources for academic success.

When I met the first recipient, Edith Melendez Lopez, she was so eager to start her very first quarter at UC Davis, her excitement was palpable. Edith is from El Salvador and her drive to succeed comes as no surprise. She is a recipient of multiple scholarships and while she was raised by a supportive, hard-working family, Edith still had limited educational resources. She wanted to be fully prepared for college and she knew a laptop would be a great tool for success.


The second recipient, Alina Aguilar, hails from Guatemala and is a high school senior pursuing her dream of attending college, and eventually law school. Because her parents and five siblings live in Guatemala, she is supporting herself by juggling two part-time jobs while finishing high school. Before we equipped Alina with a laptop, she conducted all of her academic research on her cell phone and wrote her essays with and pencil, on paper. By giving Alina her very own laptop, she took better class notes and completed research papers faster and more efficiently.


Almost a year later, Taulia CARE expanded to providing assistance to an orphanage in Cambodia. The Little Angels Orphanage is located in Ovlouk Village, Bakong District in Siem Reap and is run by Sery Rathana, an orphan himself. The orphanage supplies 70 children between 4-18 years with food, shelter, education and vocational training in the craft of leather carving.


In my recent visit to the The Little Angels Orphanage, I brought with me stationery and toys on behalf of Taulia CARE. The highlight of my visit was spending a couple hours playing with the children and seeing their faces instantly light up when we brought them balloons to play with.

With support of the Taulia family, the CARE program has collected enough money for the orphanage to provide 300 meals to orphans and will continue assisting students and children in need.

Stay tuned for more updates on our sponsored students and orphanage!

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