Introducing our newest offering: Predictive Billing

April 1, 2014

We have exciting news today!

Say hello to our new solution: Predictive Billing. Designed to help you revolutionize your billing processes, Predictive Billing will more effectively anticipate the needs of your customers.

As one of today’s top providers for supplier financing, leading new standards in capturing early payment discounts, our new Predictive Billing offering aims to become the standard in billing. 

While Amazon is still exploring predictive shipping of products before customers order them, we now enable companies to start invoicing customers before they even place an order – effectively anticipating the needs of customers before they even realize a need exists. 

How does it work?

Joe Hyland, Taulia’s Chief Marketing Officer, says: "Since we have excelled at helping organizations improve their invoicing and payables processing we thought, 'what the heck,’ and set our sights on developing a solution that would help them bill their customers too. Taking advantage of the wealth of big data flowing through Taulia, we have devised an algorithm that is able to predict when and what customers will buy in the future. Through this algorithm we are able to predict with 50-100% accuracy when your customers will order goods or services, in the hopes that their order will soon follow."

Through our Predictive Billing solution, customers will receive an advanced invoice for goods and services they have not yet ordered, but are highly likely to based on historical purchasing trend analysis.  

With such high customer satisfaction in the payables industry, we fully expect to achieve the same success in receivables. 

Curious to see how Predictive Billing can work for your company? Email and we'll walk you through a personalized demo. 

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