Ladies who code at Taulia

December 29, 2014


Barbie doesn’t work at Taulia. If she did, she might have a much better idea of the kinds of remarkable women who work in engineering and technology.

Last month, a Barbie book was roundly criticized for being sexist. TechCrunch reported that the book, titled “I Can Be A Computer Engineer,” featured Barbie “as a stylishly pink-clad computer engineer that somehow breaks everything and doesn’t know how to code.”

The women at Taulia do more than code: they lead large and complex teams, create and develop cutting-edge products, and bring endless enthusiasm, intelligence, and dedication to their work.

So who are they? Here are just a few of our extraordinary engineers:

Veronica Bykin, Director of Engineering:

Veronica immigrated from Russia to San Francisco with her family when she was 10 years old. She started programming when she was 20, and twelve years later, she moved into a management role—leading teams building content management software, BI server and analytics tools, and mobile apps. At Taulia, she leads the Quality Engineering team and both the San Francisco and Austin office platform development teams.

In her own words: “I enjoy working at Taulia because we’re a group of energetic and capable people, who know how to work hard and how to have fun doing it.”

Angela Bartlett, Senior Software Engineer

Angela serves as a senior software engineer in Taulia’s Austin office, working to implement product features and fixes. Born and raised in Texas, she earned a degree in a degree in studio art and in computer science at Texas State University. Though Angela initially sought to become a high school art teacher, she fell in love with programming and went on to earn a master’s in the field from the University of Texas.

In her own words: “I love working at Taulia because of the amazing people I get to interact with and the challenging work I get to do.”

Jenny Chen, Quality Engineer:

Originally from China, Jenny has more than 10 years of quality engineering experience. Prior to joining Taulia, she worked in New York and California for various software companies. Jenny works on Taulia’s release team, conducting tests at the end of each release cycle to help develop Taulia’s product.

In her own words: “Being a QE gives me the opportunity to contribute in a way that creates better products.”

Michelle Lowe, Software Engineer:

A native of San Francisco, Michelle wasn’t always sure she would end up working as an engineer. In fact, she graduated from UC Davis with a degree in political science. But after several years of supporting and maintaining applications written by others, Michelle decided she wanted to develop code herself. She completed an extensive Web Development course and joined Taulia as an apprentice, eventually working her way to up to become a full-time Software Engineer.

In her own words: “It's clear that everyone here takes a lot of pride in their work and is willing to do what is necessary to ensure the highest quality…yet everyone still manages to have fun!”

Urmi Majumdar, Quality Engineering Lead:

As a software engineer, Urmi has worked for numerous different startups—helping create some of the most cutting-edge financial software platforms, emergency notification management software, and biometric-based authentication software. She earned her master’s in computer science in India, and has led Taulia’s release engineering team for more than a year.

In her own words: “I enjoy working at Taulia — it’s a great team, great culture, and every day there are new challenges.”

Krupa Patel, Senior Quality Engineer:

Originally from India, Krupa earned an undergraduate degree in informational technology in her native country and began work there as the first female software engineer in her family. She was intrigued by opportunities in Silicon Valley and moved to the Bay Area in 2006, where she earned her master’s degree in software engineering from San Jose State University. She worked for several technology companies before joining the Taulia team in 2013.

In her own words: “I like being challenged by my work, being proud of what I do, and building good relationships with my colleagues. Taulia gives me that platform."

There you have it, Barbie. Think you have what it takes to work alongside some of our extraordinary women? We’re hiring.

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