Markus Ament on Dynamic Discounting and Common Misunderstandings

October 13, 2013 Bhaji Illuminati

Supplier Finance is key to achieving complete P2P efficiency

In an impromptu podcast interview with EBG at EXPP in Warsaw, Markus Ament, Taulia's co-founder and Chief Product Officer, discusses his ridiculously simple vision for using dynamic discounting to change the way businesses interact.

In this EBG podcast, Maex discusses a few interesting points:

  • eInvoicing companies have a challenge - no suppliers like eInvoicing. So how do you make it attractive? You make it easy and valuable for suppliers to use
  • Connect buyers with their suppliers to create a mutually beneficial relationship
  • Using supplier financing to incentivize supplier engagement, strengthen relationships and save millions
  • Create your rate of return to optimize efficiency
  • Limit forecasting exposure as a Treasurer

Well... "How do I feel about the pickup in dynamic discounting? I feel proud....My advice? Combine your purchase to pay initiative with you supplier finance initiative"

Play Podcast:


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