Maximizing Discount Capture: 3 Essential Steps to Turn Your Supply Chain Into a Profit Center

September 17, 2014 Matt Wright


Companies are increasingly uncovering hidden saving opportunities in their supply chain, turning their payables department into a profit center through discount capture.  

With today’s innovative solutions, companies can realize millions in savings simply by paying their invoices early.  As an added bonus, they are also able to reduce invoice errors, optimize Accounts Payable (AP) productivity, and provide visibility for better cash management.

At Taulia Connect, our annual customer conference in San Francisco, I will share my insights on how you, too, can develop, implement, and execute global discounting initiatives through your ERP systems.  In addition, I will provide real-life examples so that you can effectively manage your suppliers through discounting groups.  

You will learn about industry best practices on liquidity thresholds and how to manage the various segmentation brackets, based on specific supplier criteria and market trends. I will also take you through an overview of the many global compliance regulations and answer your questions about compliance and discounts.

In our session, you will learn about the 3 essential steps to turn your supply chain into a profit center:

  • Benchmarks on discount percentages and how to ensure maximum adoption

  • Criteria to consider when segmenting and grouping suppliers into optimal discounting brackets

  • Discounting compliance regulations and how to ensure global standards are met

Through peer discussions and an informative Q&A session, you will gain a better understanding of discounting trends that span different industries, geographic locations, seasonality effects and timing outcomes.  By providing examples on how you can best leverage discounting to strengthen supplier relationships and increase onboarding, you will be able to turn your supply chain into a profit center.

At Taulia Connect, we’ll delve into cutting-edge content, hands-on workshops, thought-provoking discussions, technology showcases, and plenty of networking opportunities.  We are expecting hundreds of like-minded finance professionals with whom to collaborate as we come together to share our insights and expertise in areas that include what’s new in the P2P space and what’s on the horizon.

Register for Taulia Connect here. See you there!

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