Multinational Telecommunications Company Automates Invoicing with Taulia

March 6, 2013 Taulia Corporate


tauliaTaulia Inc., the only SAP®-certified SaaS platform for dynamic discounting, today announced that one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies will use the Taulia solution to provide automated e-invoicing and supplier self services to their global supply base. The large telco chose Taulia after an extensive RFP process, where Taulia stood out for its ease of integration with SAP and the breadth of services provided to suppliers all at no charge.

Taulia provides the only SAP-certified add-on offering innovative dynamic discounting, as well as a robust, cloud-based collaboration solution for suppliers that delivers valuable insight into the invoice submission, approval status and payment process. Taulia’s unique platform will allow the global telco a fast ramp up to onboard suppliers who will be able to automate all of their purchase-to-pay activities. In addition, Taulia’s free, self-service collaboration product allows suppliers to monitor and track the invoice process, raise queries and request early payment, saving valuable time for the telco’s accounts payable department.

“Taulia has traditionally done very well with large telecommunication and other utility organizations, and we are excited to work with this new company who is well known in the industry for excellence in providing communication technologies to its millions of customers around the world,” said Bertram Meyer, CEO of Taulia. “The Taulia solution continues to stand out in the market as a robust technology that addresses real need in the global financial supply chain, and does so while saving companies millions of dollars on their invoice spend and helping to strengthen critical relationships with the all-important supplier.”

Taulia will implement its solution beginning April 1st, and a rollout to global suppliers will follow.

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