My awesome sales internship

August 25, 2013 Harrison Steed


So yesterday I ran into an old friend, Alex, on the way home from Taulia - we chatted, and he began complaining about his experience at another tech company in SF. Alex, a sales intern, explained that he loves the company he works for -they provide outstanding perks, free food/snacks, great work environment and all that jazz, but then he went on to explain that he was disappointed in the amount of responsibility he was given. That the work they assigned to him just felt like pointless tests that wouldn't actually get used in the real world. My friend Alex was upset - his company had taken initiative to train him, but fell short on fulfillment. Training is great, but when you spend 2 months learning it without getting a chance to practice your newly learned skills, it can be a little underwhelming.

That doesn't happen here at Taulia. The way we are trained is unique and incredibly satisfying. Why? Because I am not treated as if I were on the bottom of the Totem poll. As an intern at Tauila, I am given responsibilities that far outweigh what I have gathered the majority of other interns generally receive. On a day to day basis my fellow interns and I have the important job of creating excitement and engaging businesses throughout the entire world. We definitely follow a learn-as-you-go training approach with the belief that real life experiences are where you receive the bulk of your learning from. And it's great. Being surrounded by brilliant minds that are available for questions and foosball at a moments notice is something that sets Taulia apart.

Although we ‘get shit done’ at a pace that would make Zeus himself proud, the culture here is awesome, for lack of a better word. Ahh a delay in BART just made you an hour late for work? No worries, lets have our meeting as we walk to get coffee. What’s that? You're really thirsty? Alright, lets go grab a drink from our kegerator. Have a sore shoulder because you've been playing too much foosball and basketball in the office? You're probably out of shape. But sign up for an in office massage anyways.

Anyways, time to get back to prospecting - I’m going to go lay in the hammock next to my desk. Yeah. A hammock next to my desk. Be jealous.

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