Taulia Continues to Grow across the Board!

September 14, 2011 Sparky the Shark

peopleWhen we started out at Taulia, we used to tweet about our new hires. Over the past six months we had the privilege of growing so fast on the customer side as well as on the hiring front, that tweeting new hires almost transitioned into a live stream.

So instead of individual tweets for each new hire, here’s our first blog entry showing off some of Taulia’s new hires from recent months.

Gonzalo Camacho, who joins us from JP Morgan, is a dynamic discount expert and will ensure successful project implementations at new customers.
Steve Lance, is our new VP of Finance and joins us from SugarCRM
Lorna Lee, is our new office bee.
Branden Lewis, who managed document management and process automation projects with many large companies, joins us from Knowledge Lake and will drive supplier enablement for our customers.
Ian Sweeney, who successfully launched and grew billFLO until we acquired his company, joined us as VP of Partner Integrations and will be driving our platform strategy.
Robert Paraschiv, joined our Product Management team to help drive our product roadmap.

Taulia new hires

Welcome to all of you and everyone new to the Taulia Team!

To find out more about Taulia and our current job openings, please visit our careers page.

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