Taulia CTO, Philip Stehlik, on Taulia, Cloud, Aws and Halo [Video]

January 26, 2013 Bhaji Illuminati

As a global company working with highly sensitive data, security is really important for us.

Watch Philip Stehlik, CTO and founder of Taulia, presenting a Customer Case Study and Q&A on today's webinar Meeting PCI DSS Requirements with AWS and CloudPassage with Amazon EC2 and CloudPassage.

A few questions Philip answered in the Q&A were:

  • Why does Taulia use the cloud to enable our business?
  • Why did Taulia choose Amazon EC2 as its cloud provider?
  • Why did Taulia choose to deploy Halo on its EC2 instances?

Watch the full webinar here - vimeo.com/cloudpassage/pci-on-aws

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