Taulia's Dynamic Discounting Solution Awarded SAP Certified Integration as Add-On

September 5, 2009 Taulia Corporate

sapcertifiedOur Invoicement Suite was successfully certified on December 16th 2009 as “SAP certified integration, Powered by NetWeaver”. The Invoicement Suite, a SAP Add-On, is our innovative solution for supply chain finance, dynamic discounting and supplier self-services. With the Invoicement Suite, major corporations can turn their financial supply chain into risk-free investment opportunities providing double-digit returns. By paying suppliers earlier on approved invoices against a mutually attractive financing fee, Taulia’s clients protect their suppliers from the credit crunch and save them the higher cost they would otherwise pay for factoring.“Certification is an important stamp of approval from SAP and it highlights the quality of Taulia’s Invoicement Suite. For our customers, certification provides assurance of fully tested integrations and compliance with all SAP standards. Therefore, both data integrity and past investments in SAP solutions are protected”, comments Markus Ament, Taulia’s VP Products and Solutions. “As ABAP Add-On, the Invoicement Suite benefits from straightforward installation and seamless SAP integration. Neither lengthy implementation projects, nor new IT infrastructure is required. Furthermore, training needs are minimized as users can access the additional functionality using the familiar SAP user interface.”

“We believe the Invoicement Suite to be the solution of choice for all customers that wish to maintain SAP as their core accounting and cash management system” adds Bertram Meyer, Taulia’s CEO. “Most alternative solutions we see in the market place bypass the SAP system resulting in redundant functionality and the need to manage payment terms outside of SAP.”

The SAP Certification comprises the three key components of the Taulia Invoicement Suite:

  • The Dynamic Discount Optimizer is a comprehensive solution for managing all dynamic discounting aspects, including optional early payments and dynamic payment terms.
  • TheTaulia Vendor Portal is an on-demand portal that gives suppliers real-time visibility into their accounts receivables and provides all relevant self-services such as e-invoicing and online dispute resolution.
  • The Taulia Analyzer is a business intelligence solution providing valuable metrics, including invoice processing times and discount capture rates, so you can identify untapped revenue opportunities.

See the official press release in English or German.

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