Taulia's first, and definitely not last, Whackyathon (Part 2 of 2)

December 13, 2013 Rahul Parte

In October 2013 we picked a weekend, spent the day Sprint planning, and rode down to Santa Cruz on the California 1. It was already an awesome start, we were excited. The drive: amazing; the views: gorgeous. I was the enabler, the Scrum Master, and I take that duty very seriously. One trip to the local grocery store and we stocked up our amazing house (which would be the "War Room" for the next three days/nights) next to the ocean.

Everyone sat down at the dinner table overlooking the ocean with their computers. Cocktails, sodas, food, snacks, jokes, ideas and code started flowing. Some of us were glued to the computers; the notion of “lets get s*** done” consumed us. We didn't want to go out and take a break, we worked till 6-7 AM straight, we hit the Ballmer Peak and possibly plateaued, we were determined to show how things are done. We finished so much in the first day that we decided to make a video of our experience and mischiefs.

We said "its us vs. them", and I wondered what/who is "Them"? I believe "Them" is anyone or anything that doubts the capabilities of a high performing unit; a group of soldiers. This time for us, "Them" meant the huge backlog.

So it begins!


Work time...


 More work...


Surf time...


We wanting to exceed expectations, do something better than ever and prove those who didn’t think we could deliver wrong. And OMG did we deliver, we finished the amount of work that was planned and attacked more than we ever would have imagined from the backlog. It was so fast that our Project Managers were surprised to see a feature that was months out in plan, but somehow shows up at our Annual Customer Conference just a week after.

We called this event a Whackyathon, it was a success for sure and we learned a lot from this experience, of which we plan to do the next big thing, a Hackathon. Stay tuned!
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