The Founders Forum

February 6, 2013 Bhaji Illuminati
Last week the founders got united, sat down with the company, and explained their gratitude towards the team. They discussed how proud they are of where we are, explained how we got here, and shared their vision for where we're going.

CEO, Bertram Meyer | Managing Director, Martin Quensel | CTO, Philip Stehlik | CPO, Markus Ament

With the global expansion of Taulia, one of the founder's goals is to keep the essence of Taulia - of what we represent and why we represent it - a priority.

We represent a product that connects businesses to solve a fundamental inefficiency within the financial supply chain and boost worldwide economic growth.

We represent an ecosystem for the efficient exchange of cash and credit between buyers and suppliers. We provide technology and services enabling organizations of all sizes to achieve real-time electronic and touch-less exchange of information across the Procure-to-Pay chain.

It was great to hear the founders reinforce this, to hear their passion and vision for the company and everyone who's a part of it. As we expand and diversify our wide set of products and features we will not lose track of our values and sense of commitment to help organizations get the most out of their supply chain.

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