The KPMG & Taulia Alliance: Best of Both Worlds

December 17, 2015 Tina Ngo

Last week, Taulia announced our newest, and very exciting, strategic alliance with KPMG. Together, we’ll help leading organizations transform their global financial supply chains.

It’s not old news.
It’s a frequently overlooked supply chain vulnerability when buyers set long payment terms with their suppliers, because often, the suppliers most critically affected are those that have the biggest capital needs. What's more, according to our recent survey, nearly 47% of suppliers are paid after their invoice due dates

Suppliers are feeling the squeeze from their buyers, and to help maintain their cash flows, are forced into unfavorable borrowing relationships that hurt their business, and ultimately their supply chain. Although supply chain financing programs, where buyers offer early payments on invoices in exchange for a discount, are gaining more traction, a recent KPMG study found that less than 30% of buyers offer a supply chain finance program.

For those that do have supply chain finance programs in place, there is still room to grow the sophistication and scale of the program. As Treasury Peer explains, these programs have traditionally been “targeted at larger suppliers that may not have been in any particular need of the liquidity on offer.” 

So what about the mid and long tail? The suppliers that need liquidity most?

Today’s supply chain finance programs can be improved.
From technology, to business case strategy, to implementation, consultation and ongoing support, KPMG and Taulia are redefining success in the financial supply chain. 

With Taulia’s world-class technology and suite of products and KPMG’s expertise, influence, and ability to align key stakeholders across the organization, companies will have unparalleled focus and success. 

This alignment is lacking today in the vast majority of organizations and is the reason why so many discounting and supply chain finance programs are in their infancy despite great technology backing them up.

Jason Busch, Spend Matters

KPMG’s expertise powered by Taulia’s best-in-class technology
With KPMG and Taulia, our shared clients can maximize the full value of our award-winning supply chain finance product suite paired with KPMG’s extensive experience in aligning key stakeholders, providing seamless implementation, on-boarding suppliers, and taking advantage of KPMG’s holistic approach when reviewing client’s entire invoice to pay processes. Going beyond the Taulia implementation, KPMG will analyze the connected network and uncover opportunities for optimization as they support our joint clients through the full lifecycle from strategy to best-in-class results.

The KPMG and Taulia difference
Innovation - We are constantly iterating our suite of products to meet the changing needs of our customers, providing them the most valuable experience possible
Flexibility - Buyers can simply and easily choose between using their own cash or third-party cash to fund early payments
Scalability - Taulia’s technology addresses the entire supply chain by automating the supplier on-boarding experience
Influence - KPMG has a vast strategic network and can secure executive sponsorship out of the C-Suite and achieve cross-functional alignment with key stakeholders
Experience - Properly implementing a full scale supplier financing program is a complex, protracted undertaking that KPMG has mastered
Acceleration - Through strong cross-functional alignment, KPMG will drive a comprehensive internal change management initiative, preparing the relevant constituents for their roles to deliver the value outlined in the business case
Engagement - The KPMG team will remain involved in the program, taking a holistic approach to optimize clients’ entire invoice to pay process, maximizing value

Together, we deliver an incredibly sophisticated solution: one where business cases are built from insight into process optimization best practices and technology recommendations, implementations are executed with the ease and efficiency of a combined hundreds of years of experience, and successes are owned and recognized across the entire organization. 

As we work to deliver the value of our alliance, we are equally focused on providing the quality of support clients have come to expect through our comprehensive supply chain financing programs and services, as well as an additional layer that couldn’t be possible without KPMG.

Vikas Shah
VP, Global Ecosystem & Partnerships

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