The most important KPI you're not yet measuring: discount capture. Learning lab tomorrow at SSL London

March 10, 2014 Nigel Taylor

Taulia’s very own VP of Client Services Matt Wright will be at the European Summit for Leaders in Shared Services and Outsourcing tomorrow, leading a learning lab on how and why top Shared Services Organisations (SSOs) are adding Discount Capture as a KPI. 


During his lab, Matt will be showing how shared services leaders can transform their SSOs from cost centres into revenue generators. “I know that it sounds like a cliché that is too good to be true but if SSOs change the way they think about their supply chains and their supplier community... 

..they have the opportunity to drive significant value into the bottom line and improve relationships with their suppliers.”

Contemporary SSOs serving the world’s largest organisations are highly complex businesses in their own right with extensive supply chains. Within this environment there is always the dichotomous drivers for on-going cost reduction on one hand and improved customer service on the other. We're excited to explore how, by introducing an efficient dynamic discounting solution, SSOs can fully automate the invoicing process and introduce the opportunity for all suppliers to take early discounts. The result, suppliers speed up their invoicing process and get early access to much needed cash and large SSOs can drive literally millions to the bottom line through supplier discounts!

The conference brings together thought-leading senior shared services professionals and solution providers, giving attendees a great opportunity to tackle many of the issues facing the market today including those related to improving the supply chain. We are a proud sponsor of the event and look forward to these conversations. Please do get in touch to schedule a meeting at our booth during the following two days after the learning lab.

The summit is taking place 11th-13th March, 2014 in Guoman Tower Hotel, London. For more information, or to register for this (or a future) fantastic networking and learning opportunity please call sharedserviceslink on +44 (0)20 3176 2627 or email


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