Top 3 strategies to win at B2B video marketing

March 21, 2014 Bhaji Illuminati

How can you inject humor into a topic like B2B enterprise software, you ask?


As marketers, we are constantly faced with the challenge of cutting through the noise by producing content that is not only engaging, but also differentiating, and most importantly, memorable. In a highly conventional space like the procure-to-pay, supplier financing and eInvoicing software industry, the challenge can become even more interesting.

Here are 3 proven tricks to remember when integrating video as part of your marketing strategy:

1. Why so serious? Showcase your humor and take risks.

There’s no better way to humanize your brand and connect with your customer through video than to simply make them laugh. Modern consumers are faced with an overwhelming amount of information coming through all channels at any given moment. In order to stand out and be remembered, you need to offer something unique. A great way to do this is to appeal to their sense of humor - surprise them by making them laugh out loud - they’ll like you for it. Adding humor to a brand is key to amplifying your brand’s voice and being remembered.

2. When in doubt, narrowcast your message.

There’s a very small chance a supplier financing company can produce a video campaign that goes viral AND presents a relevant message to a relevant audience. With this is mind, we’ve focused on creating video content that goes viral among the people that matter to us -- like our Remarkable Accounts Payable series featuring our Chief Product Officer, Maex Ament.  By focusing on targeted groups, we’re able to create content with context and relevance.

3. Track it, track it, track it. 

What would a successful campaign be without analytics to prove it?

Thanks to Vidyard and Marketo, we can track engagement, collect contact information, and score leads when they watch our videos. From there, we can automate personalized follow-ups to these leads, keeping them interested and committed. 

Generally we’ve found that people love when we understand their digital behaviorisms and give them content that they want. In such a digital world, people have come to expect that level of behavioral understanding. 

Bottom line, fun videos aren’t exclusive to B2C. To be successful in any video marketing, it’s all about entertaining, narrowcasting, and continuously tracking video engagement and conversions. 

Want actionable marketing tactics for these 3 strategies? Read the full case study on Vidyard’s blog. 

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