Using SAP HANA for Real-time Financial Risk Assessments

April 26, 2012 Bhaji Illuminati

increase_cashTaulia eliminates waste in the financial supply chain, by taking the friction out between buyers & suppliers in payments processing and terms management.  We create risk free ways for all parties in the payment stream to increase returns on cash.  By implementing our SAP Financials extension, the Taulia Dynamic Discount Platform, buyers and suppliers are able to make real time decisions about early payments, lending, rates and discounts- creating more harmonious relationships, and keeping dollars that otherwise would have been going to the bank to divide between themselves.

With SAP HANA, Taulia analyses millions of buyer-supplier relationships in a split second to find the right financing rate and options for the requesting supplier.  We take into account transactions history, payment cycles, disputes, invoice details and many additional factors.  Before SAP HANA, it was actually impossible to make such decisions in a reasonable time frame in real time. Many (third party financing) companies had to limit themselves to fund only established suppliers, backed by substantial supporting documentation and contracts. Taulia is able to change that game and provide funding to a much larger population of suppliers, at a substantially lower financing rate.  Taulia is able to offer financing at the time the suppliers requests it, not 48 hours later, when the opportunity might be gone.

At Taulia, SAP HANA provides us with the ability to improve decision-making on credit worthiness and financial risk associated with suppliers and their invoices by predicting future outcomes based on large amounts of existing business transactions.  When coupling the crunching of millions of customer-supplier relationships with the power and speed of SAP HANA, we are able to tackle “big data” problems in the financial analytics and prediction space efficiently for the first time.  This will be demonstrated for the first time at our booth, 2516, at SAPPHIRE NOW.

Hiding in the database of millions of transactions waits historical and transactional data that can be used to not only predict credit scores and worthiness, but can also be used to associate risk to suppliers on an individual basis.  The implications of defining the risk profiles assigned to each particular supplier are huge.  Risk analysis based on a supplier’s transaction history, payment history, size, disputes, and invoice volume, taking into consideration their current, projected, and historical transactions is something that has never been possible before.  With SAP HANA, we can sort through and analyze that data in split seconds.

Taulia's SAP-certified, cloud based solution is built with an understanding of the difficulties traditional financing faces, and is determined to help overcome them.  Taulia’s analytics based financing confronts the difficulties of customer-supplier relationships by connecting a third party, with available cash, who is willing to pay early.  Leveraging the SAP HANA platform, Taulia can sort through huge amounts of data and employ predictive analytics to overcome uncertainty associated with each supplier.  In other words, Taulia can structure the most qualified payment dynamics, in an instant.

"The ability to assess the complex risk of funding a supplier in a split second is just something that has never been possible,” explains Taulia’s Chief Product Officer, Markus Ament.  “This opens an incredible new field of financial applications, such as Taulia's Dynamic Discounting and Early Payment solutions, but those are just the start.”  At Taulia, we can now understand more data, more quickly, and more effectively than ever before.  SAP HANA helps identify actionable behaviors for business outcomes and to leverage relationships and financial transactions between suppliers and customers in a quick and efficient way that has never before been possible.

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