"We Started Focusing on Dynamic Discounting Before Anyone Even Cared About It"

October 12, 2012 Bhaji Illuminati


Explains Joe Hyland on this Purchasing Insight Podcast, "that's our core focus. That's why we're seeing really great traction in the market for company's that understand the value of it."

In this Podcast, Joe get's right to the point about the savings that can be made through dynamic discounting.

To sum it up:

  • Large organizations are sitting on massive amounts of cash
  • They are currently getting next to no returns on that cash
  • Alternatively, small organizations (suppliers) are broke and they need money to grow
  • For these suppliers, factoring is the only option. But it's not a good one - it's costly and time-consuming 
  • Dynamic discounting to the rescue! 
  • Now buyers can use their cash, get better returns, and give suppliers the injected capital they need
  • Suppliers love dynamic discounting because they can easily give a discount in exchange for being paid earlier
  • Buyers love dynamic discounting because they are saving millions of dollars a year and their suppliers are happier

Believe it or not, I'm leaving out some juicy details, so listen to the podcast to get the full scoop.

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