What motivates suppliers to use the Taulia Portal?

October 31, 2013 Molly Welsh

successWhat better way to know why suppliers are using the Taulia portal than asking in real time? In the past several weeks, Taulia has gained valuable feedback by asking hundreds of suppliers, “What excites you the most about using the Taulia Portal?” Supplier self-service took first place, the ability to get paid early received a close second, and e-invoicing was the third most popular choice. These results are not only valuable to Taulia, but also important to our customers to understand their suppliers.

1. Self-Service

A supplier self-service portal benefits suppliers in a number of ways. Suppliers receive email notifications from the portal for payment reconciliation thus reducing calls to their customer’s AP department. The portal optimizes order processes and reduces the possibility of human error from previously manual entry of invoices. The messaging feature allows suppliers to easily communicate with their customer. The Taulia Portal also gives suppliers the ability to maintain their Vendor Master Data and notify customers of any necessary changes. Suppliers and customers both benefit from the self-service portal because it speeds up processing time and reduces costs.

2. Getting Paid Early

Accepting early payments is an affordable way for suppliers to improve their cash flow. Suppliers can choose to receive an early payment from their customer as soon as an invoice is approved. Rather than waiting 60 days to get paid, they can now receive their cash on day 10 for example making an unexpected business expense not as painful to pay. Customers also love the early payment offers. Customers receive a discount when a supplier accepts an early payment which increases profitability of their supply chains. 

3. eInvoicing

Paper and postal costs diminish with e-invoicing which reduce costs for suppliers and customers. Suppliers are notified via email when a new PO is available, giving them the opportunity to create an invoice through the portal. Suppliers can also check the status of invoices so they don’t have to keep wondering when they will get paid. Customers’ ERP systems are automatically updated when an invoice is created, reducing processing time and extra effort that paper invoicing requires. E-invoicing allows for more visibility for both parties in the portal which reduces confusion.

This feedback allows Taulia to continue to meet the ongoing needs of customers and suppliers. Customers and suppliers both benefit from the self-service portal, early payments, and e-invoicing. Customers optimize efficiency, accuracy, and profitability of their supply chains while suppliers optimize cash flow, clarity, and communication. Everyone wins! 

Is there something about the Taulia portal that you love, or perhaps wish it had? Let us know here: http://www.taulia.com/customer-feedback

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