Webinar: The Quest into AP Innovation

July 17, 2014

The quest into AP innovation has begun. Don't fall behind!

Watch Joe Hyland, Chief Marketing Officer at Taulia, discuss findings from the Ardent 2014 ePayables Report, including:

  • Benchmarks for your company to measure performance against the Best-in-Class
  • Top foolproof strategies for implementing a supplier payment solution
  • Recommended strategies for success to ensure your company is at the forefront of the Best-in-Class
  • Q&A Session: Senior executives from Fortune 500 companies asked questions like:
    • Do you have any recommendations for how to enable big companies (Amazon, Financial institutions, etc) who won't use a portal due to manual nature on their side and the various invoicing methods across all of their clients? They tend to want to email the invoice.
    • You showed savings of $1.9MM for $1B in spend. Is this a good general yardstick?
    • Aside from offering early payment to suppliers, what are other ways to get them to adopt a portal? We’ve rolled out our portal over a year ago and still aren’t hitting our goals with enrollment and engagement metrics.
    • What are some tips in getting international suppliers to participate in a discounting program? My suppliers outside the US are less responsive about portal usage (I have a homegrown portal).
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