Whitepaper: Purchasing Insight SCF Procurement Strategy

May 15, 2014

In this Purchasing Insight whitepaper, Supply Chain Finance – A Procurement Strategy, learn how to take the cost out of the supply chain by employing innovative supply chain finance techniques. This white paper looks into the fact that most procurement organizations today are ignoring one of the most significant sources of savings and explores the steps necessary to realize these otherwise untapped opportunities.

Learn why supply chain finance is a critical tool for vendor risk management and why many suppliers are most than eager to offer discounts for early payments. Furthermore, gain a clear understanding of the implications of dynamic discounting and the mitigation of risk.

According to the report, the top reasons supplier discounts go unrealized are:

  1. Manual routing of invoices
  2. Lengthy approval cycles
  3. De-centralized invoice receipt

Develop insight on:

  • Managing the cost of doing business
  • Working Capital Management
  • Supply chain leakage and the role of procurement
  • The cost of doing business
  • A critical tool for vendor risk management
  • The cost of managing DPO

Also see two working examples in case studies with a major North American bottler and Dominion power company.

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